Meet the Therapist

Working together to maintain a pain free community
Muscle Maintenance was started in September of 2017. Our dream was to create a place where patients could go to have pain naturally relieved while providing a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Our goal has always been to keep treatments as affordable as possible so a pain free life is attainable for everyone!
As therapists, Cortney Robinson and Stephanie Williams have very different styles. Together, they make one heck of a team.
Cortney’s medical and sports massage training has allowed her to provide treatments aimed at balancing muscle tension and correcting postural distortions to alleviate pain and ailments. 

Stephanie takes a bit of a softer approach to medical massage. She aims to provide stress relief along with balancing muscle tension through medical massage while also providing therapeutic massage with Swedish and hot stone techniques. She also provides a service known as lypossage to aid in cellulite reduction and loss of inches throughout your “trouble zones”.


We want everyone in the community to be as healthy and happy as possible and our mission will always be to “work together to maintain a pain free community”!